1984 - Wallace Auto Parts & Services, Inc. was founded in May 1984. Our company originally began servicing automobiles and light pickup trucks as well as minor mechanical repairs and cosmetically detailing automobiles. Soon after operations began our company acquired a license to buy and sell automobiles.

1985 - In 1985 our company began selling automotive parts as well as servicing some underground vehicles for a local mining company.

1988 - In 1988 our company began developing our own line of MSHA approved underground diesel transportation equipment. At this time our Diesel Mining Equipment Division was formed. This division originally began re-powering vehicles normally constructed for road use such as the Chevrolet S-10, Isuzu Pickups, and Jeep CJ and Jeep YJ.

1989 - In 1989 we began designing our own line of heavy duty vehicles. At the present time our company still re-powers various road vehicles as well as a broad line of heavy duty vehicles. These vehicles are commonly used throughout the mining industry as the DUV (Diesel Utility Vehicle). Our company services various sectors of the mining industry such as coal, salt, potash, trona, and zinc. Since 1988, Wallace Diesel Mining Equipment has supplied the underground mining industry with over 500 units of underground diesel equipment.

1994 - In 1994 our company recognized the need to diversify our product mix and began formulating a business plan to accommodate the necessary changes. Many new products have evolved due to the changes resulting from our new strategy. Our resulting product diversification was implemented due to new regulations and emission standards which were beginning to impact the demand for high sulfur coal which affected us greatly.

1995 - In 1995 our company began manufacturing a new line of agricultural equipment and utility trailers. Our company now produces a complete line of these products and we are continuing to design new products and improve production processes daily.

1997 - By 1997 our business was benefiting greatly from the vast improvements made in our production capabilities. Our company now has two seats of Autocad Release 14, three 6-axis robotic welders, one 6-axis material handling robot integrated with a 160 ton press brake and ironworker, three CNC saws, one CNC plate cutting machine with one plasma station and one oxy/fuel station, and a powder coating paint system with power and free conveyor system.


TODAY - Wallace Auto Parts & Services, Inc. takes pride in good, quality products. We strive to encourage the same pride within each employee while doing his/her job. By selecting the right materials, utilizing the best manufacturing processes together with the latest technology - our staff and employees build the finest products available.

TOMORROW - You can count on us to continue designing and developing exciting new products!



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